Selling Property by Exclusive Agency

 Exclusive Real Estate
When selling by Exclusive Agency it covers a set period with one real estate company allowing the agent to concentrate all their efforts into the sale of your property. This type of agreement includes Auction or Private Treaty methods of sales.

Sell with strength. Establishing an exclusive listing arrangement between you and us, your local First National agent, should be one of the first things you do after you decide to sell your home. There are many advantages.

What Exclusive Listing Means

The exclusive listing arrangement is your written authorisation to us of sole rights or representation in the sale of your property. It means that all aspects relating to the sale will be handled or Coordinated through this one organisation acting on your behalf.

This may be done by private sale, auction, multiple or group listing. In effect it limits the number of people you have to deal with in selling your property, while at the same time allowing an increase in the number of sales personnel working for you to bring in qualified buyers. It’s really a simple matter of economics: we will make an investment of time, talent and dollars in the sale of your property.

Once we take on an investment responsibility, it becomes a personal commitment to ensure a fast, efficient return.

Sell your property faster

You will avoid prolonged periods of inconvenience, expense and frustration. Your property will be sold sooner.

The Knack of Negotiating

You gain the services of a team of skilled, experienced sales people who can keep the doors of communication open between interested buyers and you, the seller. We will qualify the prospects for your type and price of property; answer their questions; eliminate doubts and, above all else, keep things moving. We know how and when to begin final negotiations.

Specialised Experience

Selling a house can be a complex process, even if all goes smoothly. Financing, payments, insurance and documentation, all have to be arranged. We will make sure that everything happens when it should. Timing is vital!

Quantity of Buyers

The exclusive agency agreement does much more than simply give you representation by one person. It puts into action a network of professional real estate sales people who will be interested in your property for their customers – and who will already have numerous prospects.

Quality of Buyers with an Exclusive Listing

We ensure that your property is shown only to qualified and interested prospects. There is nothing worse than having masses of people tramping through your home who have no intention of buying it.

Obtain your price

An exclusive agency agreement is the sole basis of a complete professional marketing package. It ensures a positive approach by us in obtaining the best result for you.