Rain Water Tanks

Water-TanksThe Gold Coast has experience some of the the highest level of water restrictions imposed anywhere in Australia and home buyers are increasingly looking for rain water tanks, grey water systems and drip watering systems in properties as standard.

To many buyers the feature of a water tank on a property is far more attractive than other improvements. Extensive landscaping and gardens often add substantially to a property’s value and nobody wants to see all that money shrivel up and die from a lack of watering. The drought has also seen cracking in brickwork becoming a lot more common which can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Level 6 water restrictions ban all outside watering using town supply water and even watering with buckets is restricted to a 3 hour timeslot, three times a week. Those home owners with a water tank can use the water whenever they want. High water users will actually face tough penalties and new pool owners will have to have water shipped in from outside the drought effected areas of South East Queensland.

A water tank is a fantastic investment in your home and when a property has a water tank it is one of the main features often mentioned in advertising by Nerang First National and other agents alike. Water is a valuable commodity and conserving water is becoming more popular and essential as water restrictions are put in place for prolonged periods of.

Space is a premium on urban blocks with smaller land sizes. Because of this slimline water tanks are increasingly popular in urban areas of Australia, where space is a real problem. Slimline oval tanks, rectangular tanks and other configurations have evolved to meet the needs of customers who don’t have the space to fit the traditional round water tanks on their blocks.

Underground water tanks allow for larger tanks to be installed under driveways or lawns so as to have a very low or even a nil impact on the space usage of an urban block.

Finding independent advice on Water Tanks is not easy and the majority of information on the internet is by the manufacturers themselves. Its not suprising to read that poly tank manufacturers are quick to suggest poly tanks as the perfect choice and Aquaplate Steel tank manufacturers will only recommend steel tanks.

Water Tank Secrets provide independent advice and information on water tank construction, style and manufactures plus information on water tank rebates available plus provide a number of other water tank guides covering subjects like water tank cleaning, what size tank to purchase and how to stop mosquitoes breeding in your water tank.