Property Buying Hints and Tips

Buying-Hints-and-TipsWe have collected a heap of property buying Hints and Tips that may assist you in finding and settling on your dream property with as little trouble as possible.

Purchasing a home is for most of us the biggest decision we will make in our lives, and for some it can be a very stressful time.

Read a little and check out our Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) section as well as the handy tables at the bottom.

With over 30% of our listings sold in the first week before they make it to the web, window display or any form of advertising, the only way to find out about these properties is by speaking with a Salesperson and registering your requirements.

What Kind of Home?

The first step is to decide what kind of home will suit your tastes and your lifestyle. Start an all-family member housing priority discussion before beginning to look at your options.

Buying at Auction

When buying at auction you will be given a chance to inspect the property usually at an open day or two before the auction or by arrangement.

Make an Offer

With private treaty, you can make an offer to purchase in two ways, either unconditional or conditional.

Buyers Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of buyers frequently asked questions