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Are you looking for a local Nerang real estate agents? Find agents operating in Nerang, Highland Park, Carrara, Worongary or the Gold Coast Hinterland.  Thinking of purchasing a property in Nerang, Carrara, Highland Park, Worongary or the Gold Coast Hinterland?

The following Real Estate Agents are based in Nerang or neighbouring Highland Park or Carrara.

Does the prospect of dealing with dozens of different Nerang real estate agents and salespeople get you down? What if you want to see a property from Nerang First National, LJ Hooker Nerang, Ray White Nerang, Doug Hull Real Estate and Nerang Real Estate all in the one one day.

As the highest selling and most successful agency in the Nerang, Carrara, Highland Park and surrounding district we have the largest selection of well priced property in the local area, however no matter how large our market share is we will never have listed every property for sale in our district.

In fact with 14 local real estate agents in Nerang Carrara or Highland Park and dozens more from outside the area who have just a listing or two in our area a buyer would have to speak to nearly 25 different salespeople to make sure they have considered every property in their price range.

The last thing you want to find out later is that that your dream home was out there but with some obscure little agency that you had never heard of.

There is a solution, and that is using just one agent to search for property and conduct inspections on all properties with you even when they are listed with another agency. So whether the property is listed with some of the major groups like First National, LJ Hooker, Ray White, Raine and Horne or an independent like Nerang Real Estate or Doug Hull Real Estate you can deal with the same agency every time.

Conjunction Sale

A conjunction sale is when you purchase a property through one agency when it is listed with another agency.

Is this normal?

Conjunction Sales are a normal way of finding a property in Queensland and around Australia. They are specifically mentioned in the Property Agents and Motor Dealers (PAMD) Act that governs the Real Estate industry.

So the team at Nerang First National can help you purchase property through other local real estate agents?

We certainly can!

Why Nerang First National

Nerang First National specialise in Residential Real Estate Services in Nerang, Carrara, Highland Park and the Hinterland districts of the Gold Coast, Queensland and has been awarded the prestigious Gold Coast Agency of the Year for an unprecedented 4 years in a row and the REIQ Queensland Real Estate Agent of the Year.

Read our company profile and some of our client testimonials and you will see why Nerang First National is the First Choice for more people than any other real estate agent.

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Remember: You only have to deal with one real estate salesperson and they can show you property listed for sale with all local agents through a conjunction inspection. If you find a property listed with another local agent contact our sales team on 07 55960055