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Changing the atmosphere to prepare for an open home
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Glenn Batten

Did you know the the atmosphere you create can help sell your home? It can be as simple as the sound of music, but that doesn't mean that you have to have Julie Andrews playing in the background whenever potential buyers walk through. It means that quiet background music can change the atmosphere of your home and give a great first impression to potential buyers. Here are the key features that can add real value with helping sell your home.

The sound of music 

Music transcends languages and cultures and is incredibly powerful in altering our moods. A study from the University of Helsinki examined the effect of music on the brain and found that classical music evokes a relaxing response. Therefore, if you are having an open home, why not have relaxing music playing in the background?

Music marketing is a key tactic at making buyers feel comfortable and if you tap into their emotions, then it may just increase your chances of a sale. Hop onto Spotify or Apple Music and search for a "relaxing playlist", the work is practically done for you. 

Flora not so much fauna

When planning an open home, flowers are are great, but pets - not so much. People like to walk into a home and know that it has been lived in. Knowing that the property is a great environment for pets is a bonus, but the smell can be off-putting to potential buyers.

It is suggested that if your house does smell of your beloved pets, then you need to change it, if only for the open home. Boiling cinnamon sticks on the stove can perfume the air and create a homely feel. Flowers are also key in letting the smells of nature perfume the air and make the buyers feel at home.


You can influence the atmosphere

How you behave has just as much influence on the atmosphere of the home as anything else. If you are going to be there when buyers are walking around your home, be there to answer any questions but give them enough space to explore the property on their own or with the selling agent. There is nothing more off-putting than a pushy sales person. If buyers want to know more, then they will ask. Be patient and confident and the conversations that you have with them be organic. 

When it comes time to have an open home, the team at First National Real Estate can help set you up for a successful sale, if you make some preparations first.


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