Nov '16

How to make your property appeal to families
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Glenn Batten

One of the first things you'll likely need to do when selling your home is decide on the target buyer. This can help you organise the marketing and sales campaign, and even set you on the right track for renovating.

Depending on the area and the property itself you might settle on targeting families - but when your buyers have young kids, there are a couple of things they will probably look for in a home.

Here are some of the main things you can do to make your property more appealing to families.

Make it clear
Families have a particular set of things they might look for in a house, but to get your property on the radar it's important to get the marketing campaign spot on. While a chunk of the pitch will involve the property itself, location can be the single biggest selling point for a property. The family-orientated buyer often looks for homes that have schools, parks or public amenities nearby. This could be why you chose to target families in the first place, but it's important to emphasise the location in your marketing campaign.

Parents will likely be on the look out for hazards in their search for a home. Stairways, decks and pool areas can all pose a risk so make sure you've eliminated some of the main issues. Think about doing some minor building work to improve the safety levels in the property. Make sure the latches on windows and doors are working properly, and install sturdy railing on the stair case and around raised areas, like balconies and decking.

Get a second opinion on your pool - they can be an attractive feature when the weather's warm, but make sure you have any legal paperwork sorted out before the sale and double check that the fencing is all up to standard.

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