Service Guarantee

Service Guarantee. Real Estate is an “essential service” industry, a profession entrusted with the primary wealth of the community, a responsibility we take very seriously.

You have the right to expect and get the highest price for your property and for the entire selling process to be a positive stress free experience – that’s what “great service” is all about and what’s more, it doesn’t cost you any extra!

It all about a total commitment to providing: effective marketing; skilled negotiators; constant communication; regular information; teamwork; and excellent behind the scenes support – service is the ‘fulcrum’ of our business.

That’s why we give 100% and that’s why more than 55% of our new business is by way of referrals from delighted clients and customers.

First National Nerang are the only company to offer a TRIPLE Consumer Protection Guarantee. We spell out 100% of the lawfully enforceable Code of Conduct, the REIQ Code of Ethics PLUS details of our unique and extensive Service and Performance Commitments which give our clients unconditional “hire and fire” control throughout the entire selling appointment period – now that’s a guarantee!

Still, it’s the attitude of our unique team of skilled quality people that makes it happen. Their honesty, integrity, congeniality and commitment, crystallises our multitude of innovative services.
It’s a people business and our business is – OUR PEOPLE!