Support, Systems, Resources and Benefits


Marketing Department

First National Nerang provide an experienced and professional marketing department responsible for all marketing and advertising design, creation and copy-writing, database marketing , website advertising and management, social media and CRM management and more, liaising directly with the sales team and property owners.

Automated Relationship Marketing and Contact Management System (CRM)

As part of our Clients For Life philosophy and repeat business strategy, we utilise an advanced fully automated Client Contact Management and Relationship Marketing System. Over 50 different contact scenarios relating to our extensive database of conducted appraisals, current and past buyers and sellers, withdrawn sellers and more, trigger a series of scheduled actions, letters and or tasks to be conducted by salespeople and/or relevant support staff. Purchaser anniversary letters and call reminders for example are pre-programmed for up to 20 years.

Mobility Tools

Each salesperson is equipped with the latest tablets with allocated data, enabling full mobility in the field for listing presentations, live property searches and RP Data CMA's, email communication, accessing client information and databases, immediate client feedback after inspections, marketing demonstrations and more.

Seller Communication Software

First National Nerang designed and created a unique and powerful online Seller Feedback Programme called "Inspection Reporter" which is now utilised by many First National offices nationwide. Inspection Reporter enables salespeople to give sellers quick and easy instant feedback of the result of private or open home inspections, collates all buyer activity, comments and levels of interest etc, and then automatically provides weekly reports to sellers, which also includes graphs of website inspections from all key portals and much more.

Advanced Web Marketing Technology

Our 3D Showcase is an online experience that lets home buyers move anywhere through a property and see it from any angle. Old style virtual tour image galleries and fly through videos lack the perspective and “feel” that buyers crave. Our 3D scanning cameras are the latest state of art technology. Buyers experience the closest thing ever to a physical on-site inspection creating an emotional connection with the home. Your listing will have the edge to stand out from the crowd. A fantastic listing tool that very few agents have that impresses sellers and WINS listings!

Database Marketing

Salespeople have marketing access to a growing database of over 20,000 prospective sellers, buyers, tenants  and investors. Regular scheduled database marketing includes our professionally produced weekly email Bulletin, providing the latest updates on new listings for sale, for rent, sold, open homes, price changes and industry news. We provide auto tools for harvesting and capturing client contact details to help build your database.

No Operational Restrictions

Each salesperson is allocated dedicated farming areas or Business Development Area (BDA). This entitles you to exclusively prospect and build your profile in those dedicated areas. However, there is no restriction upon any sales person from listing in any other salespersons area in instances such as when prospective seller is met at an open home or via a referral that happens to have a home in another salespersons BDA. Also, unlike most franchises, the First National group does not impose operational boundaries as to where an office can list and sell.

Lead Generation

Salespeople have the benefit of receiving seller and buyer leads generation by the First National group from both the Gold Coast zone, State and National lead generation programs at NO COST per lead.

The First National Referral Network

Seller and buyer leads Australia wide. As a cooperative network, First National member offices Australia wide communicate and work together. When it comes to referring buyers and sellers, the network has developed the most successful referral network in Australia.


Sir Francis Bacon once said that “Knowledge is Power” and First National Nerang are strong believers in the power of training and professional development. First National Nerang is a member of the South East Queensland Academy (SEQA), a specialist training academy which is dedicated to training today’s professionals. Salespeople have ready access to a huge selection of ongoing training sessions of at NO COST to you.

Management, Leadership, Policies and Procedures

The management at First National Nerang strongly believes that salespeople flourish and prosper when provided with a sense of direction, encouragement and leadership. That is why detailed policies and procedures are provided for all staff members to follow. Through a combination of successful and professional salespeople, dedicated management and a strong affective support structure, First National Nerang enjoys an unrivalled team spirit and moral; making it a great place to work!

More Selling and Earning Opportunities

In many agencies, salespeople are only able to sell their own listings - not at First National Nerang. All listings are “pooled”, giving ready access to all members of our sales team to sell any property to any suitable buyer regardless of who may have listed the property. We have a listing commission and a selling commission. If you sell your own listing you get both commission components. If you sell another salespersons listing, you receive the selling commission and the lister receives the listing commission. This system works better for sellers because all members of the team have incentive to show whatever property may suit a buyer they might have and it creates more earning opportunities for salespeople.


First National Nerang offers a commission structure for experienced salespeople in line with industry norms BUT we provides salespeople a level of support and resources far above the norm, enabling greater earning capacity for each salesperson.



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